IP Cores - logiRC (OBSOLETE)

Remote Controller Receiver

Key Features

  • Works with standard IR remotes (i.e. DVD, TV)
  • Supports NEC and RC-5
  • Supports auto repeat function
  • Receive FIFO for 16 address/command pairs
  • Standard CoreConnect OPB bus
  • Requires an external front-end
  • Fully embedded into the AMD XPS and the EDK
  • Protocol support can be expanded on request


The logiRC Remote Controller Receiver is an IP core from the Xylon logicBRICKS IP library for AMD FPGA. This IP core can be used within Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) that include system control by an IR remote controller. The logiRC receives and decodes IR messages from standard IR remote controller (TC, DVD, etc.) using popular Philips RC-5 and NEC protocols. Example applications for this IP core are Car and Home Infotainment applications. Decoded control characters and remote controller addresses are stored within an internal core's FIFO connected to the CoreConnect OPB bus. The logiRC is, like the other IP cores from logicBRICKS library, fully embedded into the AMD Platform Studio (XPS) and the EDK. The logiRC core's functionality can be expanded by other IR protocols on request.
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