Hardware Platforms - logiCRAFT2

Multimedia Evaluation/Development Platform (OBSOLETE!)

Key Features

  • XC3S1500-5FG676 Xilinx® Spartan®-3
  • 128MB DDR SDRAM, 8MB NOR Flash
  • Video output capable to drive 3 displays simultaneously:
  • - VGA DACs
    - DVI and LVDS transmitters
  • Video input supporting 2 video streams simultaneously:
  • - Composite video decoders
    - VGA ADCs
    - DVI and LVDS receivers
  • Support for: CAN, LIN, USB, IDB1394, RS232, Etherenet
  • Expansion connectors and free FPGA IOs for rapid prototyping
  • Installation CD including reference FPGA design, SW code and documents


The logiCRAFT2 can simultaneously drive up to three displays with different video streams. The platform supports a wide variety of video input and output standards including LVDS, CMOS, RGB digital and analogue, COG and CVBS. With a number of on-board PHYs, the logiCRAFT2 provides an ideal platform for evaluating the latest communications and telematics IP cores. The logiCRAFT2 reference design is based on the Xilinx MicroBlazeTM soft-CPU and the Xylon logicBRICKSTM IP cores. The logicBRICKS IP cores are provided as protected evaluation IP versions. The logiCRAFT2 reference design is included on the Xylon logiTAP installation CD.

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