IP Cores - logiADAK-VDF-ZU

MPSoC IP Framework for Multi-Camera Vision Applications

Key Features

  • Complete video design framework for embedded multi-camera vision applications
  • Enables vision developers to quickly add their own algorithms to the provided infrastructure
  • Prepared for the Xylon kit based on Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+TM MPSoC:
  • - logiVID-ZU Vision Development Kit
  • Includes complete reference designs with an integrated video processing block example:
  • - HDMI or camera video input to display output
    - Four camera video inputs to display output

  • Designs are prepared for Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite
  • Resolutions: 1928x1208 Input and 1920x1080 Output
  • Jump-starts the development and saves valuable design time
  • Runs on Linux OS and includes logicBRICKS software drivers and demos
  • Full evaluation version of the design framework is online available
  • Documentation and Tech support (e-mail)


This video design framework enables Xylon logiVID-ZU Vision Development Kit users to quickly utilize the provided hardware platform for development of the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC based embedded multi-camera vision systems. The framework includes pre-verified logicBRICKS reference designs for video capture from Xylon cameras or from the HDMI video input, and the display output with the RGB overlay under the Linux operating system.

The complete camera-to-display MPSoC designs, which use just a fraction of available programmable logic, significantly save the design time and allow users to focus on specific vision-based parts of their next MPSoC development.

Click the button bellow to download the full evaluation version of the video design framework!

The logiADAK-VDF-ZU users who do not have video cameras can evaluate the CAM-HDMI design with the Avnet HDMI Input/Output FMC board attached to the ZCU102 evaluation kit.

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