AIC Design with Xilinx® FPGA

Xylon Hybrid Instrument Cluster
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The worldwide leader in programmable logic solutions Xilinx, Inc. offers the Xilinx® Automotive (XA) dedicated product line of qualified automotive products, manufactured for extended temperature ranges, and compliant to RoHS and Pb-free packaging. The XA devices offers the extreme flexibility of the FPGA technology, proven reliability, and the freedom to easily upgrade end products in the field.

Over the years FPGAs have evolved into platform solutions able to support full SoC integrating one or more microprocessors and various peripherals typical for MCU architectures.

The Xilinx Platform Studio and the Embedded Development Kit (EDK) integrated development software offers a complete design framework for SoC design. Users can quickly design FPGAs by combining different pre-designed functional modules (IP cores) from the EDK IP cores catalog with the Xilinx MicroBlazeTM soft-CPU. The EDK also enables full SW development of IP cores's drivers and control applications run by the selected CPU(s).

Xylon is a leading IP provider for Xilinx FPGA and provides the logicBRICKS IP library that can be used by the EDK software. The logicBRICKS IPs support different graphics functions and enable an easy GUI-based GC design with IP drag&drop. AIC designers can choose the IP that best suit the application requirements, and drop them into the FPGA to create a custom GC. The logicBRICKS based FPGA graphics controllers work with a broad offer of third-party graphics libraries of GUI building software tools, allowing for a full set of graphics rendering features. Xylon IPs currently work with Segger emWIN, Altia Design and Deep Screen, and TAT Motion Lab, Cascades and Kastor GUI rendering platforms.
Xylon Re-Configurable Instrument Cluster
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