Design Introduction

Face Analytics optimized for the AMD All Programmable Xylon's logiFDT Face Detector and Tracker IP core finds and tracks the face and facial features in video sequences in real time and returns full 3D head pose, gaze direction, facial features coordinates and a wealth of other information. The logiFDT IP core is designed for the AMD Zynq™ 7000 AP SoC and can be used in different applications to improve human-machine interaction, such as driver drowsiness detection in automotive systems, speaker detection in video conferencing systems, hands-free interfaces helping disabled people, etc.
The AMD SDSoC development environment enables developers to easily combine HDL-based IP cores and the C/C++ implemented IP cores within a single familiar framework.

The logiREF-SDSoC-FACE-EVK reference design demonstrates how to use an existing HDL IP core as a callable C-function in the AMD SDSoC Development Environment. In order to demonstrate this procedure, Xylon provides all necessary SDSoC files, including the SDSoC platform prepared for the MicroZed™ Embedded Vision Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing.

This reference design is functionally equal to the logiREF-FACE-TRACK-EVK reference design.
 Block Diagram of the SDSoC platform and C-callable IP based logicBRICKS Face Detection and Tracking SoC implemented in the AMD SDSoC design environment
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Download reference design built by evaluation logicBRICKS IP cores and run it on your MicroZed Embedded Vision Development Kit.

You must be registered in order to get the logicBRICKS reference designs. The registration is free of charge and with no obligations. For quick information on how to register, install the design, get evaluation IP license and similar, please CLICK HERE!

The evaluation hardware design and software are customizable. For example, the logiFDT can be configured to track less facial features at higher speed, use more programmable logic for faster calculations on multiple pixels in parallel and similar. System designers can leverage this flexibility and adopt the logiFDT IP core regarding speed and precision, overall SoC design and other application requirements.
Visage Technologies AB
logiFDT I SDK Face Track tracking engine is sourced from
Technology Partner Visage Technologies AB
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