IP Cores - logiFDT

Face Detector and Tracker (Replaced by ARTIEYE suite)

Key Features

  • Configurable face tracking engine optimized for the AMD Zynq 7000 AP SoC
  • Real-time face and facial features tracking:
  • - 3D head pose (translation and rotation)
    - Gaze direction and eye closure

    - Facial feature coordinates in global 3D space
    - Feature points specified according to the MPEG-4 FBA standard
    - Action units describing the current facial expressing, i.e. brow raise, lips stretch...
    - Other tracking data...
  • Fully automatic operation and robust recovering from losses due to occlusions, face turning away and similar
  • Tracking can work on a video recorded by color, grayscale and infrared camera. For thermal video info, please contact us
  • Carefully HW/SW partitioned to assure max. performance and min. resources utilization
  • Free reference design available
  • Available for the AMD Vivado™ IP Integrator and ISE Platform Studio

Get the free logicBRICKS reference design and evaluate this IP core on the MicroZed Embedded Vision Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing. VIDEO CLIP!


The face detection and tracking is a computer technology that significantly improves human-machine interaction and opens a very wide range of applications, such as driver drowsiness detection in automotive safety systems, speaker detection in video conferencing systems capable to automatically zoom to the current speaker, hands-free interfacing helping disabled people to improve their daily lives, character animations in virtual reality entertainment, audio processing, robotics, etc.

The logiFDT Face Detector and Tracker IP core finds and tracks the face and facial features in video sequences in real time and returns full 3D head pose, gaze direction, facial features coordinates and a wealth of other information. It is carefully partitioned between hardware and software to assure the highest performances (i.e. 30fps) and optimal utilization of the AMD Zynq™ 7000 Adaptive SoC. The logiFDT IP core is prepackaged for the AMD Vivado™ IP Integrator and ISE Platform Studio.

Visage Technologies AB
logiFDT I SDK Face Track tracking engine is sourced from
Technology Partner Visage Technologies AB

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