Quick Start - HMI for the ZC702

logiREF-ZHMI-FMC Support Has Ended!

ZC702 setup that enables quick run of Xylon logicBRICKS Graphics Engine demos from the SD card
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After installing the logiREG-ZHMI-FMC reference design for Xilinx® ZC702 Development Kit, please use start.html file located in the installation root directory as a jump-start navigation page for exploring the reference design.

Xylon provides Linux, DirectFB and 3D demo binaries in the software/ready-for-download/linx_sd directory. If you want to run the prepared demos, copy the content of the SD_2D3D_HDMI directory to the root directory on the FAT32 formatted SD card.
For the most comfortable work with the precompiled Linux demos, Xylon recommends use of a keyboard and a mouse connected through an USB hub (can be passive) to the ZC702 board.
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Setting Up the ZC702 Board for Xylon's Precompiled Demos
  • Setup the board (Rev.B) as shown on the above photo, or follow instructions from bellow
  • Plug-in the FMC-HMI card into FMC1 (J3) connector on the ZC702 board
  • Connect power supply, mouse and keyboard to the USB OTG connector
  • Program the SD card with the image from the SD_2D3D_HDMI directory
  • Power on the board and wait on the Linux OS to boot

   Jumper Setting            SW16 Setting
  Board Rev. B & C  
  Board Rev. D
  J21 2-3    1  UP
  J20 2-3    2  DOWN
  J22 1-2    3  DOWN
  J25 1-2    4  UP
    J26 2-3    5  UP

The logiREF-ZHMI-FMC reference design supports all graphics demo applications (and more) shown in Xylon's VIDEO GALLERY.

Running 3D Demo Applications

Please type the following commands in the screen console:

cd mnt
. run3d.sh

Control demos by keys A or D (left-right), E (select), and Q (quit). In some demos you can also use keys W, X, R and F. After each key you have to press ENTER, otherwise console doesn't send it.

Running 2D Demo Applications

Please type the following commands in the screen console:

cd mnt
. startdfb.sh
, or

df_texture and df_knuckles demos can be controlled by a mouse and a keyboard, df_andi demo by keyboard only. Please quit all demos with "Q", and not with CTRL-C!

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