logicBRICKS Video IP cores for Xilinx Zynq-7000 AP SoC and FPGAs

Plug-and-Play with logicBRICKS IP cores Xylon offers several logicBRICKS IP cores for video processing on Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 AP SoC and FPGA programmable devices, which can be used as extensions for Xylon's 2D and 3D graphics engines, or as key IP cores for video-only embedded applications.

All logicBRICKS support ARM® AMBA® AXI4 on-chip bus and can be easily mixed together or with Xilinx and third-party IP cores.

Illustrative Xylon's solutions for logicBRICKS video IP cores:
The table bellow presents the key logicBRICKS video IP cores. The logiWIN and the logiBAYER IP cores are available through Xylon's LVIP program and can be purchased online! For more information about the logiVIEW IP core, please contact us!
Display controller IP core logiVIEW Perspective Transformation & Lens Correction Image Processor

Removes fish-eye lens distortions and executes programmable transformations on multiple video inputs in a real time. Programmable homographic transformation enable: cropping, resizing, rotating, translating and arbitrary combinations. Arbitrary non-homographic transformations can be also supported. This is the key IP core for Xylon's Surround View DA.

2D graphics accelerator - bit block transfers, Porter&Duff, font acceleration, ... logiWIN Versatile Video Input

Enables easy implementation of video frame grabbers. Input video can be decoded, real-time scaled, de-interlaced, cropped, anti-aliased, positioned on the screen, ... Captured and processed video can be displayed by Xylon's logiCVC-ML LCD display controller, or can be used as input for further video processing. Multiple IP instances enable simultaneous processing of multiple video inputs.

2D and 2.5D graphics accelerator - bitmap operations, rendering, ... logiBAYER Color Camera Sensor Bayer Decoder

Converts Bayer color coded video inputs into RGB video. Supports all possible Bayer patterns. Supports input resolutions up to 2048x2048. Also support input video scaling. Enables easy connections of cameras with CMOS sensor arranged in  Bayer color pattern to Xilinx programmable devices.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for Xilinx Zynq-7000 EPP 
 logiREF-ZHMI-FMC Reference Design

Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 AP SoC

Demonstration of common HMI features: video image capture, touch display control, audio and graphics display. This design includes the logiWIN Versatile Video Input IP core.

Evaluation HW Platform: Xilinx ZC702 Evaluation Board + FMC

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