IP Cores - logiBAYER

Color Camera Sensor Bayer Decoder

Key Features

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  • Converts camera sensor video from Bayer color space to RGB or YCrCB 4:2:2
  • Supports all Bayer pattern combinations
  • Input resolutions up to 4096x4096
  • Supports different input interface standards:
  • - Parallel - data, control and clock signals
    - AXI4-Stream - AXI4 Compliant video interface

    - LVDS - 1:12 deserialization with embedded clock
  • Supports different output interface standards:
  • - Parallel - data, control and clock signals
    - AXI4-Stream - AXI4 Compliant video interface

    - Memory - AXI4, PLBv46, NPI and XMB
  • Scaling down two times vertically and horizontally
  • Available for Xilinx® Vivado® IP Integrator and ISE® Platform Studio


Today most common single-chip cameras use CMOS sensors with pixels arranged in Bayer color pattern. Bayer filter in front of the sensor embeds color information into sensor's pixels and each pixel is an actual monochrome color element. The CMOS sensor's output must be converted into a human-viewable picture by conversion from the Bayer image to an RGB or YCbCr video image. The logiBAYER is designed to enable an easy video camera connection and video processing. The core is fully embedded into Xilinx tools, and its integration with on-chip bus (AXI4, AXI4-Stream, PLB...) is very simple. Parametrizable VHDL design allows tuning of slice consumption and features set through an easy-to-use GUI interface. The IP core can be easily integrated with other logicBRICKS, i.e. the logiCVC-ML Compact Multilayered Video Controller display controller IP core for Xilinx FPGAs and Zynq-7000 AP SoC.

This IP core is often used in Xylon's Surround View ADAS and Panoramic Camera surveillance solutions.
NameLicensePrice (EUR)  
logiBAYER 1 year license 2,220.00
logiBAYER 2 years license 4,000.00
logiBAYER 3 years license 5,330.00
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