Tech Support - logiHELP

Additional 10 hours of technical support within 1 year

We at Xylon understand that our customers invest beyond a bare price of the logicBRICKS IP cores. These are investments into development time and technical skills. Besides, the third-party IP cores users always feel a certain risk. Our goal is to do anything that helps you avoid risks and gain trust into our company and our products.

That is the reason why we have established a strong and responsive Technical Support section. Instead of providing you with the first level technical support that often cannot solve your problems without an annoying e-mails exchange, we provide a direct link to skilled engineers who can assist you in a timely and satisfying way.

Every logicBRICKS IP license in the Xylon Low-Volume IP Program includes certain number of technical support hours that can be spent depending on your needs. The additional logiHELP tech hours package ensures that your questions do not remain unanswered and allows you to extend Xylon’s assistance throughout your project.

Xylon customers, who have licensed the logicBRICKS IP cores out of the Xylon Low-Volume IP Program, should contact Xylon Sales
NameLicensePrice (EUR)  
logiHELP 10 hours package 1,250.00
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