Quick Start - ISP for Xilinx SoC/FPGA

logiREF-VIDEO-ISP-EVK reference design can be downloaded as a cross-platform Java JAR self-extracting installer. Please make sure that you have a copy of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) version 6 or higher on your system to run Java applications and applets.

Double-click on the installer's icon to run the self-installing executable to unpack and install the reference design on your PC.

After installing the logiREF-VIDEO-ISP-EVK reference design for the MicroZed Embedded Vision Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing, please use the start.html file located in the installation root directory as a jump-start navigation page for exploring the reference design.

If you want to quickly run the precompiled Xylon ISP demo, please copy contents of the software/ready-for-download/linux_sd directory to the root directory on the FAT32 formatted SD card and use it with the hardware kit.

Setting Up the Demo Hardware
  • Plug the programmed SD card into the micro SD card connector J6 on the MicroZed board
  • Select the MicroZed configuration mode by setting up JP1-JP3 jumpers (Step 1). The presented setup selects the SD card as the boot device.
  • Plug the MicroZed board into the Carrier Card board (Step 2).
  • Attach the On Semiconductor PYTHON-1300 camera module to the Carrier Card (Step 3)
  • Connect the Full HD (1920x1080@60) PC monitor and the MicroZed Carrier Card (HDMI OUT CONN3) by the HDMI video cable.
  • Connect the USB mouse to the MicroZed USB connector J1. All demo menus can be controlled by the mouse only.
  • Connect the 5VDC power supply to the MicroZed Carrier Card and power the demo.
  • The demo boots in approximately 30 seconds.

Setup the MicroZed jumpers for a proper boot configuration
Step 1
PlugIn the MicroZed board to the Carrier Card
Step 2
Attach the PYTHON-1300 camera module to the Carrier Card
Step 3
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Running the Xylon ISP Demo

Xylon logiREF-VIDEO-ISP-EVK reference demo design for the logiISP Image Signal Processing (ISP) Pipeline IP core is extremely simple to use. Please use the mouse to navigate through control ISP menus. The live video stream immediately reflects the changed ISP pipeline settings.

Xylon ISP Reference Design for the MicroZed Embedded Vision Development Kit

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