Quick Tech Specs

    - Synchronous recording of up to 12x video channels and up to 20x network channels
    - Synchronous video and networks data playback for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulations
    - Modular design for flexible interfacing, including customer-made modules
    - Any automotive video interface: TI® FPD Link-III, Maxim Integrated™ GMSL, HDMI, Ethernet,...
    - Vehicle networks: BroadR-Reach®, Ethernet, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, UART, WLAN, DIG I/O, GPS,...
    - Video and data recordings are stored with a central timestamp
    - Intuitive dashboard application controls HW configuration, recording and playback
    - Standard and event-triggered recording of video and data before and after the trigger
    - Triggers and filters can be setup as signals and messages from the vehicle databases
    - Currently supported vehicle databases: CAN DBC, LIN LDF, FlexRay FIBEX
    - Four (4) portable SSD Disks (FAT32, 2-8* TB combined) enable hours of recordings
    - Modular architecture based on Xilinx® All Programmable FPGA/SoC enables customizations
    - Small and rugged housing, and a very low power consumption
* The standard logger configuration includes x4 512 MB SSDs. For SSDs with higher storage capacity, please contact Xylon.

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