In addition to the MPSoC-based logiISP-ZU-GMSL2 HDR ISP Evaluation Kit, Xylon offers an Ultra HD reference design prepared for the logiVID-ACAP Vision Development Kit based on the Xilinx® Versal™ AI VCK190 Evaluation Kit. The reference design is developed with the Xilinx Vitis™ unified software platform and demonstrates parallel HDR ISP processiong of three 7.4 MP automotive video cameras connected to the Xilinx Versal (ACAP) device.

Screenshot from the Xylon's HDR ISP demo on Xilinx Versal AI ACAP device
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Standard Xilinx logiVID-ACAP Vision Development Kit is delivered with Xylon's 2.3 MP HDR automotive video cameras. In order to operate this demo design, kit users must upgrade the hardware platform with three LI-IMX424-GMSL2 Leopard Imaging video cameras. These cameras use 7.4 MP Sony sensors, with the full resolution 3840x1920 pixels, and connect to the Xilinx Versal processing device through the GMSL2 high-speed serial interface from Maxim Integrated. Processed video is displayed on the HDMI UltraHD monitor with the resolution 3840x2160. Video output is controlled by Xylon's logiCVC-ML display controller IP core and uses the dedicated HDMI connector on the Xilinx VCk190 board.

To learn more about the multi-camera (3-cam) HDR ISP demo for Xilinx Versal ACAP, please contact Xylon at The design is immediately available!


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