logiBUILDER & logiOWL


The logiADAK Builder implements a convenient PC user interface towards the target (the logiADAK
kit or the productized ADAS) system embedded in a vehicle. It enables quick customization of system
features modes such as surround view. All previews are done on the target and there is no mismatch
between the PC settings and the final target system settings. Required vehicle calibration data and preset viewing modes and views must be setup once for the specific vehicle model. In combination with the logiOWL Vehicle Self Calibration, the determined setup enables quick and precise vehicle self-calibration suitable for volume production.



The logiOWL automatic end of line camera calibration runs fully embedded in the vehicle and
enables full vehicle level multi-camera calibration in as little as 10 seconds. The logiOWL helps OEM
automakers and Tier-1 suppliers improve design accuracy, reduce manufacturing cost due to manual
calibration process and reduce time on final test and validation. The calibration process is simple and
inexpensive, does not require a complex calibration site, and can be executed easily in repair shops
without specialized training for service personal. A newly added feature in the 7th generation logiADAK is the option to conduct the calibration process targetless.

logiOWL with calibration for vertical and horizontal markers

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