logiVID-ACAP Package Content

logiVID-ACAP Hardware Platform for Xilinx Veral ACAP based Multi-Camera Vision Development
The logiVID-ACAP ACAP Vision Development Kit works in combination with Xilinx Versal AI Core Series VCK190 Evaluation Kit. Upgraded with the logiREF-VDF-ACAP, it includes a complete hardware platform, demo ACAP design, IP cores, IP cores drivers, demo application software, documentation and technical support.

Xilinx Versal AI Core Series VCK190 Evaluation Kit is in early access and must be purchased from Xilinx and distributers. logiVID-ACAP hardware components can be purchased directly from Xylon.

logiVID-ACAP kit includes:


- 1x Xylon logiFMC-GMSL2 GMSL2 FMC board for up to twelve video camera connections
- 4x Xylon logiCAM-GMSL2-AR0231 2.3 MP HDR automotive video camera
- 1x Avnet1 HDMI Input/Output FMC module
-  Cabling

1 Avnet Part number AES-FMC-HDMI-CAM-G

ACAP Design                                                                                                       __________          

Licensed2 reference ACAP design is prepared for Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite 2019.1:

- CAM-HDMI implements a single video input, either HDMI or video camera, and the display output

2 Included 1-year Xylon LVIP seat licenses for used logicBRICKS IP cores

logicBRICKS IP Cores ___                                                                                                                 

- logiCVC-ML Compact Multilayer Video Controller
- logiWIN Versatile Video Input
- logiI2C I2C Bus Master Controller

Applications and Drivers                                                                                                                  

- Linux Demo applications in source code (please see the Reference SoC Designs section)
- logicBRICKS standalone (bare-metal) and Linux drivers with examples
- Xylon precompiled utility libraries


- User's Manuals
- logicBRICKS User's Manuals

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