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Xylon's ViewMore™ Natural View Surround View IP Suite uses multiple imaging sensor, including wide-angle cameras, that collectively cover over the whole area around the vehicle and then creates a 3D space representation of the surrounding area. It enables the driver to see 360 degree surroundings around the vehicle from different perspectives in 3D space, thereby eliminating all blind sports not only during low-speed and precision-critical parking sequences, but also during standard normal cruising traffic situations.

Video Presentation of Xylon's ViewMore™ Natural View Surround View IP Suite

The Surround View solution is offered to customers through the complete logiADAK Automotive Driver Assistance Kit which contains all the necessary hardware, software and documentation elements to kickstart your Surround View integration, as well as presents a framework for further design services from Xylon to achieve your desired visual capabilities.

logiVID-ZU hardware setup for demo apps
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Xylon's expertise in designing flexible FPGA silicon products has allowed us to continuously upgrade our Surround View solution and many of its underlying parts to adapt it to the requirements of the modern automotive space. Therefore we can offer customers a wide variety of options in terms of the number and type of used high-resolution cameras used, the use of radar and lidar imaging sensors to achieve heterogeneous sensor fusion. Such flexibility is beyond the reach of all competing silicon products which are only software programmable.

Xylon's Surround View Military Tank Application

Key parts of the ViewMore™ Natural View Surround View IP suite include a set of FPGA IP Cores that each tackle a specific task and are highly modifiable on the IP Core level. One important component is the logiVIEW Multiview 3D Video Transformation Engine IP that removes fish eye distortions caused by extreme wide-angle Field-Of-View lenses. Other important IP Cores that complete the IP Suite are the logiWIN Versatile Video Input Frame Grabber and logiCVC-ML Compact Multilayer Video Controller .

Six-Camera logiADAK Platform installed on a metal frame

Xylon is offering automotive designers IP cores, software support and the complete hardware development platform for AMD FPGA based Surround View systems. Our Surround View is one of the market's best solutions and fully exploits all the benefits of FPGA technology: computing performances, flexibility, scalability, reconfigurability, low system costs and risks.

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