MPSoC Multi-Camera Vision Kit

logiVID-ZU Vision Development Kits provide system designers with everything they need to efficiently develop multi-camera vision applications on Xilinx’ Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices. The complete hardware platform includes four Xylon’s 2.3MP automotive video cameras and supports HDMI video input and HDMI video output. Xylon offers two kit versions; the logiVID-ZU-GMSL2 kit that supports the next generation GMSL2 serial interface from Maxim Integrated, and the logiVID-ZU-FPD3 kit that supports the FPD Link-III serial interface from Texas Instruments.
Kit deliverables include the complete and licensed logiADAK-VDF-ZU Video Design Framework with pre-verified reference designs implemented by Xylon’s logicBRICKS IP cores. All IP cores are supplied with bare-metal and Linux software drivers. The video capture and display demo applications run in Linux OS.

The logiVID-ZU-GMSL2 kit with Xylon’s GMSL2 automotive video cameras is fully available. For information about availability of the logiVID-ZU-FPD3 kit, please contact Xylon.

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