ACAP Multi-Camera Vision Kits

Xylon currently has two distinct ACAP Vision Kits with corresponding reference designs in its portfolio.

The first one is the logiVID-ACAP-6CAM ACAP Vision Development Kit provides system designers with everything they need to efficiently develop multi-camera vision applications on the AMD Versal™ Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) devices, as well as showcase heterogeneous sensor fusion with the addition of an application for LIDAR data visualization. The hardware platform includes six Xylon’s 2.3MP automotive video cameras with cabling, a 12-Ch GMSL2 video input FMC add-on card, and all the necessary cabling. Video output is achieved via the on-board VCK190 HDMI port. The below photo shows the logiVID-ACAP-6CAM plugged into AMD Versal™ AI VCK190 Evaluation Kit.

Video Presentation of the Xylon logiVID-ACAP-6CAM Hardware Platform

The kit is sold together with the licensed logiREF-ACAP-VDF Video Design Framework for Multi-camera Vision Applications that includes a pre-verified reference design. The complete camera-to-display ACAP design, which is prepared for the AMD Vivado™ Design Suite, Vitis Unified Software Platform and also includes a Linux OS compatible demo, significantly saves design time and enables system designers to immediately focus on vision specific parts of their new design.

Screenshot from the Xylon's HDR ISP demo on the AMD Versal™ AI Adaptive SoC device
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In addition to the aforementioned kit, Xylon offers an Ultra HD reference design called logiREF-ACAP-MULTICAM-ISP ACAP HDR Image Signal Processing Framework which is prepared for the logiVID-ACAP-ISP HDR ISP Evaluation Kit for Versal ACAP based on the AMD Versal™ AI VCK190 Evaluation Kit. The reference design is developed with the AMD Vitis™ unified software platform and demonstrates parallel HDR ISP processiong of three 7.4 MP automotive video cameras connected to the AMD Versal™ Adaptive SoC device.

The kit and design demonstrate the logicBRICKS IP Suite for implementing High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Image Signal Processing (ISP) pipelines in embedded designs based on programmable AMD FPGA and Adaptable SoC devices. The logicBRICKS High Dynamic Range (HDR) Image Signal Processing (ISP) IP suite enables crisp camera video under altering and rough lighting conditions in next-generation multi-channel embedded systems for use in automotive, surveillance, medical and similar video and vision AI applications.

AMD Versal™ AI Core Series VCK190 Evaluation Kit is in early access and must be purchased from AMD and distributers. logiVID-ACAP-6CAM and logiVID-ACAP-ISP hardware components can be purchased directly from Xylon.

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