Quickly Run the Video Rotation Demo

Xylon provides the SD card image with the precompiled low latency video rotation demo software application and SoC design. Upon the installation of downloaded Xylon deliverables, please copy the boot.bin file the root folder of the FAT32 formatted SD card.

Customers interested in receiving full SoC design with evaluation logicBRICKS IP cores must send request from a valid company email address. Please send your requests to info@logicbricks.com.
Xylon reserves the right to decline evaluation requests for this reference design.


Setting Up the Demo Hardware

  • Setup the ZedBoard™ board to boot from the SD card as shown on the photo above
  • Plug-in the FMC-HMI card into FMC connector on the ZedBoard (photo)
  • Connect XADC connectors (XADC HEADER and J4 on FMC-HMI) by the ribbon cable
  • Please do not twist the ribbon cable! Connect the first pins on both connectors directly.
  • Connect power supply to the ZedBoard board
  • Program the SD card with the boot.bin file, plug it in the ZedBoard and power on
  • Use the HMI to control the angle of video rotation
To view a demonstration video please click here:  VIDEO GALLERY.

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