Quick Start - Xilinx Base TRD for the ZedBoard

ZedBoard setup that enables quick run of Xilinx Base TRD from the SD card
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After installing the logiREF-BTRD-ZED reference design for the ZedBoard from Avnet Electronics Marketing, please read the README.txt from the Installation Folder/doc folder.

To quickly start the Sobel Edge Detection demo, copy the entire folder ready_to_test onto the primary partition of the SD card which is formatted as FAT32.

If you have the In/Out FMC daughter card, rename the devicetree_fmc.dtb to devicetree.dtb (SD card root folder)

Setting Up the ZedBoard
  • Setup the board's jumpers as shown on the above photo (table bellow)
  • Connect mouse and keyboard through the USB hub to the USB micro connector J13
  • Program the SD card with the image ready_to_test from the Installation Folder folder
  • Connect the video source (720p or 1080p HD recommended), if you have the FMC card
  • Make sure that you use the proper .dtb file for your HW configuration (see above)
  • Plug the card to J12 card connector
  • Power on the board and use the application GUI
   Jumper Name
   JP7  MODE0
   JP8  MODE1  GND
   JP9  MODE2  VCC
   JP10  MODE3  VCC
   JP11  MODE4  GND
   JP6  MIO0  VCC
   JP2  VBUS 5V EN
   JP3    VCC

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Xylon distributes the Xilinx Base TRD for the ZedBoard from Avnet Electronics Marketing with permission from Xilinx, Inc.

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