logiREF-BTRD-ZED (Xilinx TRD ported to the ZedBoard)

Ported Base TRD on the ZedBoard - running internal test patterns
The design can be used with no FMC card!

What's Needed?

- Avnet ZedBoard development kit featuring XC7Z020 CLG484 -1
- Avnet HDMI Input/Output Module (FMC-IMAGEON)*
- Monitor capable of supporting full 1080p HD resolution for the best results**
- HDMI video cable
- SD card (min 256MB)
- keyboard and mouse connected through USB hub
- source of video input signal*

* The Base TRD can be used without the HDMI FMC daughter-card with an internal test pattern generator. Accepted video input formats: 720p60 and 1080p60.

** Not full HD monitors (1920x1080@60) that scale down the input resolution may be used with the Base TRD demo, but with the lower video quality.


- Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite 2014.4

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Xylon distributes the Xilinx Base TRD for the ZedBoard from Avnet Electronics Marketing with permission from Xilinx, Inc.

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