Quick Tech Specs 2.0 Version


Xylon recommends the new logiRECORDER 3.0 Automotive Video Data Logger that offers an improved features set and support for versatile video and network interfaces.

The back side with video and network connectors
logiRECORDER-20 Back Side - Click Image to Enlarge!

Video Inputs (from cameras)

    - x12 TIĀ® FPD Link-III1 (914 RX)
    - x1 HDMI auxiliary input

Video outputs (to ECUs)

    - x12 TI FPD-Link III (913 TX)
    - x1 HDMI to control display

Aggregate 1.5 GB/s throughput2

    - x12 1MP@30fps YUV 16-bit
    - x42MP@60fps YUV 16-bit...

Networks & Interfaces

    - x4 CAN
    - x2 FlexRay
    - x12 Lin
    - x1 GPS
    - x1 UART
    - x2 DIG IN
    - x1 DIG OUT

File Formats

    - video uncompressed .AVI
    - network data in industry standard ASC
    - supports vehicle databases:
        - XML DBC for CAN
        - LDF for LIN
        - FIBEX for FlexRay

Storage Media

    - x4 SSD SATA (up to 8 TB combined3)
    - portable and FAT32 formatted
    - min. 3 hours of the uncompressed video4


    - 12 VDC nominal in the 9-24 VDC range
    - 100 W power consumption
    - central timestamp 1us tick
    - average timestamp deviation < 10us
    - microcontroller controlled power supply
    - graceful shutdown, etc.
    - actively cooled aluminum housing

1 Xylon will support other video interfaces. For more info, please contact us.
2 Such data throughput enables simultaneous work with x20 1MP@30fps uncompressed video channels!
3 Standard logger configuration includes x4 512 MB SSDs. For SSDs with higher storage capacity, please contact us.
4 Assuming 8 TB storage capacity and parallel recording of x12 1MP 1280x800@30fps video camera inputs!

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