Included ADAS Demos

The logiADAK is a complete integrated development platform that enables automakers and their electronics suppliers to focus on innovation and features. The kit includes a set of ADAS applications that can be evaluated on real vehicles, changed by end users (i.e. change views, add user logo, and similar), merged with user's innovation and efficiently developed into products.

The included ADAS demos are provided via three Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC configuration designs, which are used in different driving conditions.

With the exception of the video data logging, all ADAS applications presented in this short video clip, are standard parts of the logiADAK deliverables. Video data logging is supported by the logiRECORDER Multi-Channel Video Recording ADAS Development Kit.

Depending on the vehicle's speed, the Zynq-7000 AP SoC programmable logic can be configured with a different set of custom hardware accelerators.

Low-Speed Driving Applications Set
  • logiOWL Vehicle Self Calibration: quick and effortless automated system calibration
  • 360-degrees Surround View: 3D viewing modes and bird's eye viewing mode
  • Pedestrian Detection and Range Estimation
  • Rear-View Camera: uncorrected video, distortion correct view, trailer-hitch mode, cross path mode, dynamic paths...
High-Speed Driving Applications Set
  • Pedestrians/Bikes/Vehicles Detection (Multi-Objects) and Range Estimation
  • Lane Departure Warning (using rear-view camera)
  • Blind Spots Detection (using side-view cameras)
In-Cabin Set
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection (using the 5th camera)
The logiADAK kits include ADAS solutions already used on the road in production automotive systems today. The kits are developed by Xylon in cooperation with Xilinx and partners: eVS embedded Vision Systems, Visage Technologies and Digital Design Corp. (DDC).

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