logiVCS Visual Configuration System

logiVCS is a software tool for simple configuration of the logiHOG Object Detector and the logiVDET Vehicle Detector IP cores within the logiADAK Automotive Driver Assistance Kit. It allows the logiHOG detector IP core to use multiple object classifiers, which are created with the logiSTK Software Training Kit tool, for detection of multiple objects, i.e. pedestrians, bikes, vehicles...

logiVCS Visual Configuration System

Key Features

Camera Configuration: logiVCS supports configuration of intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters in order to simulate the video acquisition setup. It facilities a semi-automatic procedure for computing of camera extrinsic parameters that enables easy camera configuration. The procedure starts from an image, and with a known distance to the marker in front of the camera at the ground level, with respect to the ground. Eventually, the logiVCS relies on camera configuration to automatically recompute ROIs (Region of Interest) i.e. regions of camera frames where objects of interest are supposed to be. Different ROI scales for each frame enables classifier to detect objects at different scales.

logiVCS Visual Configuration System

logiADAK Mujlti-Objects and Vehicle Classifiers Configuration: The logiVCS can configure the logiADAK logiHOG and logiVDET IP core detectors:
  • enabling/disabling of the vehicle detector and editing of its parameters and the ROI list
  • add/remove of classifiers and ROI lists to multi-objects detector
  • preview of configuration results on the project media

logiSTK Software Training Kit

logiADAK Multi-Objects Classifier Placement: logiADAK relies on the logiHOG IP core for multi-objects classification. The logiHOG implements multiple cores (SVM-based classifiers), which run in parallel and sequentially executes classifiers assigned to its slots. The logiVCS enables:
  • manual placement of classifiers in multiple object detector cores / slots
  • automatic classifiers placement to maximize the frame rate reachable on target
  • visualization of the estimated fps performance for the current placement
  • quick access to detectors' settings

logiVCS Visual Configuration System

logiADAK Configuration Import/Export: logiVCS can export all configuration files necessary for object detectors used in the logiADAK ADAS development kit. The logiVCS can also import an actual logiADAK configuration to the logiVCS project. Configuration import/export works directly on the logiADAK firmware SD card mounted on a PC.

 Free Download

The logiVCS Visual Configuration System tool for Windows is available free of charge.


For more information about the logiVCS Visual Configuration System, please contact info@logicBRICKS.com.

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The logiVCS software tool is sourced from our Technology Partner eVS embedded Vision Systems Srl.
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