logiADAK Calibration Software

The logiADAK kit captures the area surrounding the vehicle by five high-resolution video cameras, usually installed behind the front grid, within the cabin (5th camera), incorporated in the back door and two side mirrors. The body shapes and sizes of different vehicles dictate the camera installation points and each vehicle requires a unique setup of the system.

To enable logiADAK users to quickly adjust the logiADAK kit to any vehicle, Xylon provides documented calibration software for the following ADAS applications: Surround View, Multi-Objects Detection, Rear-Looking Lane Departure Waringin and Blind Spots Detection.

Automatic Surround View Calibration Software

A set of Xylon IP cores and related software enables automatic end of line calibration. While traditional electronic means of alignment are challenging, time consuming and require specialized calibration environments, Xylon's logiOWL Vehicle Self Calibration end of line calibration solution, runs fully embedded in the vehicle and takes only seconds for full multi-camera calibration. The solution is precise, simple and inexpensive and does not require a complex calibration site.

The logiOWL Vehicle Self Calibration runs fully and autonomously on the target ADAS system. The logiADAK Builder PC application provides an optional and convenient user interface via Ethernet to enable customization of viewing modes used in the embedded target ADAS systems.
For more information about the logiOWL Vehicle Self Calibration, please contact info@logicbricks.com.

 logiOWL IP enables on-target, full vehicle level multi-camera calibration in seconds  Undistort (Preview) option of the Fisheye lens camera calibration
On-Target Automatic Calibration
logiADAK Builder - On-Target Preview Feature

Lens Calibration

Vision-based ADAS systems use cameras with ultra-wide angle FOV lenses. Such camera systems inserts lens distortions, which must be removed by a proper calibration. Xylon has developed lens calibration procedures and software suitable for calibrations of large numbers of cameras. To learn more about Xylon's lens calibration solution, please contact info@logicbricks.com.

 Setup of the Fisheye Camera Lens Calibration software by Xylon  Undistort (Preview) option of the Fisheye lens camera calibration
Xylon Calibration Software - Camera Lens Calibration

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