Companion Chip Software Drivers

Xylon provides extensive software support for all host interface and peripheral IP core controllers delivered with the logiCRAFT-CC Companion Chip Kits. The provided set of Linux drivers includes drivers for the PCI Express® and USB interface controllers, as well as for peripheral IogicBRICKS IP cores. It also enables easy integration of the FPGA companion chip with popular embedded hosts that are running Linux OS. The developers do not have to care of the FPGA companion chip  hardware architecture and can use it as all other host controlled peripherals.

logicBRICKS Linux Driver

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Xylon's logicBRICKS IP Software Drivers are carefully designed for portability. The reusable code  makes a Generic Peripheral Device Driver, which is isolated from the OS dependent driver's parts.

Such an internal structure allows for quick driver porting to different operating systems. Users can adopt the logicBRICKS drivers to different OSs by themselves, or can let Xylon to do it. Xylon has already developed OS dependent libs for several OSs. For more info, please contact Xylon.

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