logiCRAFT-CC Companion Chip Kits

FPGA Companion Chip Kit with the Intel® Atom™ based PC

The Elite kit assures a full out-of-box experience with the included industrial PC running the Linux based Ubuntu OS. Kit users can use the FPGA device as a peripheral integrated with the Intel Atom N270 processor. The FPGA companion chip can be interfaced by either the PCI Express or by the USB interface.
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FPGA Companion Chip Kit with the ARM® Cortex™-A8 based BeagleBoard-xM

The Premier FPGA companion chip kit includes the popular BeagleBoard-xM open development platform. The BeagleBoard runs the Linux based Ubuntu OS, and the on-board host processor handles the FPGA companion chip through the USB interface.

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FPGA Companion Chip Kit

The Base FPGA companion chip kit is an excellent entry level platform designed for customer looking to add FPGA companion chip to the preferred host processor.

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