Surround View DA Calibration Software

Surround View DA solutions based on Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores and Xilinx FPGA technology offer great flexibility and easy adoptions to different camera types, interface links, microprocessors, etc. The  flexibility of the hardware enables really differentiated FPGA silicon products to match the exact application requirements.

The complexity of the Surround View DA systems and their precise matching to specific vehicle models requires extensive software support. Xylon provides software for  the calibration of various camera (lens) parameters and camera positioning on the vehicle. The software is an integral part of Xylon’s logiVIEW-SVK Surround View Development Platform and Toolset.

The calibration software outputs C code, binary, text files, and optionally car and stitching mask images in .png format for the logiVIEW IP core’s initialization. It enables quick adoptions of the FPGA Surround View DA controller to different vehicle models.
 Setup of the Fisheye Camera Lens Calibration software by Xylon  Undistort (Preview) option of the Fisheye lens camera calibration
Xylon Calibration Software - Camera Lens Calibration

The first phase of the Surround View DA system calibration is the calibration of all of the system's cameras with ultra-wide angle FOV lenses. The camera (lens) calibration requires the capturing of calibration patterns from two PC monitors setup (see figure above) and the import of lens and camera parameters, such as the FOV angle and the focal length. The provided preview option prevents the improper corrections of lens fish eye distortions. Xylon has developed automated lens calibration process.
 Setup of the Fisheye Camera Lens Calibration software by Xylon  Undistort (Preview) option of the Fisheye lens camera calibration
Xylon Calibration Software - Vehicle Calibration

The second calibration phase sets up the multi-camera Surround View DA system for a specific vehicle. The shapes of different vehicles require different camera installation points. Each of the system's cameras captures the ground from a different perspective which must be transformed into a bird's eye perspective. The perspective must be corrected and, due to the extreme wide-angle FOV lenses, the overlapping camera outputs must be combined (stitched) into the resulting single image of the vehicle's surroundings.

The vehicle must be parked between calibration markers which must be captured. The calibration software determines the relationship between the markers and the camera offsets with regard to the ground. The software enables evaluation and definition of the bowl-shaped ground plane for 3D visualizations of the vehicle's surrounding. The provided preview option allows for the check up of the corrected perspectives and the stitching of the captured video inputs.

Xylon Run-time compensation of surround view stitching misalignment due to vehicle's load and steering
Dynamic (Load) Calibration Maintains the Correct Image Stitching

Xylon's Surround View DA solution supports run-time Dynamic (Load) Calibration that compensates different vehicle loads and preserves the correct image stitching.

Besides the calibration software, Xylon can also offer the Surround View DA application software that can be adjusted to the customer’s needs, camera exposure control, white balancing, camera synchronization, dynamic paths calculation software, etc.

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