Surround View DA logiVIEW-SVK Kit Package Contents

logiVIEW-SVK Hardware Platform for Xilinx FPGA based Surround View DAS
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The logiVIEW-SVK Surround View DA Development Platform enables automotive designers to quickly start their new Surround View DA design. The toolset includes the reference FPGA design with evaluation logicBRICKS IP cores, calibration and application software, as well as full documentation.

The hardware platform includes all necessary hardware components and can be used for vehicle installations.

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The provided reference FPGA designs, with evaluation versions of the logicBRICKS IP cores, can be used as bases for in-house developments and can save months of development time.

Xylon provides design services to customers interested in developments based on the presented hardware and software products.

logiVIEW-SVK kit includes:


- 1x Xylon logiCRAFT-CC Development Board (Xilinx® Spartan®-6 XC6SLX150T device)
- 2x LVDS receiver boards (logiCRAFT-CC side)
- 4x LVDS transmitter boards (camera side)
- 1x Xylon logiCC-ESW5 5-ch Ethernet Switch Board
- 4x Omnivision OV10635 1-megapixel camera sensor
- 4x Largan fish-eye (wide FOV) 95321A lenses

Reference FPGA Designs                                                                                                                 

- Four-Camera Surround View Driver Assistance FPGA design for Xilinx Spartan-6, compatible with the Xilinx Platform Studio and EDK tools

logicBRICKS IP cores*                                                                                                                        

- logiVIEW Perspective Transformation and Lens Correction Image Processor
- logiCVC-ML Compact Multilayer Video Controller
- logiWIN Versatile Video Input
- logiSDHC SD Card Host Controller
- logiMEM_arb Flexible DDR Memory Controller
- logicBRICKS LVDS camera interface

*Xylon provides the evaluation IP cores with the kit

Applications and Drivers                                                                                                                  

- Surround View Driving Assistance demo application
- Calibration Software for Lens and Vehicle calibrations


- Demo User's Manual
- logicBRICKS User's Manuals
- Calibration software User's Manual

Cabling and Adapters                                                                                                                       

- power supply
- 4x long cables for camera interfacing; suitable for vehicle installations

VIDEO - Xylon Surround View DA Demo!

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