Software Drivers - logiISP-2A Software Library Bundle

logiISP-2A Software Library Bundle for the logiISP-UHD Image Signal Processing IP Core

Key Features

  • Licensable software libraries for real-time camera Auto-White Balance (AWB) and Auto-Exposure (AE) for use with the logiSP-UHD Image Signal Processing IP Core 
  • Processor-based control algorithms intended for implementation on the ARM® CPU and AMDMicroBlaze Soft Processor Core
  • Supports AMD Versal™ Adaptive SoC, AMD Zynq™ 7000 SoCs, Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoCs, UltraScale™, UltraScale+™ and Series 7 FPGA devices 
  • The libraries work in conjunction with the logiISP-UHD IP Core and require the Image Statistics (STATS) logiISP-UHD block to be implemented into the working hardware ISP pipeline for full functionality 
  • Can access the sensor configuration registers through I2C or SPI serial bus for reprogramming
  • Support for resolutions up to 7680x7680, including UHD 4K2Kp60 (3840x2160@60fps) 
  • Pre-processed statistics data is handed over to the processor at the end of each frame for analysis
  • Library deliverables include the library itself, documentation and technical support

Graphics performance improvement by XylonQPA and logiBITBLT
Figure 1: Software Libraries and the logiISP-UHD IP in operation – Example Block Diagram

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logiISP-2A Software Library Bundle
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