IP Cores - logiSTEP

Stepper Motors Controller

Key Features

  • Drives up to 16 stepper motors
  • Supports MMT and Switec stepper motors
  • Built-in Acceleration/Deceleration/Smoothing control
  • An optional outputs serializer for a low pin count
  • Supports Zero Position Detection
  • Supports Return To Zero with Xylon add-ons
  • Programmable internal RAM tables for 8 different motor characteristics
  • Configurable ARM® AMBA® AXI4-Lite, CoreConnect OPB or PLB
  • Prepared for AMD Vivado and ISE Design Suites


The logiSTEP is a stepper motor controller IP from Xylon IP library logicBRICKSTM. It enables a simultaneous control of 1 to 16 two-phase stepper motors and supports different control methods: full-step, half-step and microstepping. Supported motor types are MMT and Switec. The logiSTEP is being primarily designed for the AMD FPGA devices and the automotive market. A typical example of the logiSTEP application is an automotive instrument cluster. Hardware implemented acceleration/deceleration/smoothing algorithms, embedded into the logiSTEP, enable precise and smooth motors control. The logiSTEP is, like the other IP cores from the Xylon logicBRICKS IP library, fully embedded into the AMD Vivado™ (IP Integrator) and ISE Platform Studio (XPS) Design Suits.
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