Hardware Platforms - logiCAM-FPD3-AR0231 (OUT OF STOCK!)

2.3 MP HDR Automotive Video Camera (FPD-Link III)

Key Features

  • 2.3MP HDR automotive video camera
  • ON Semiconductor AR0231AT RCCB sensor
  • Max. output resolution: 1928x1208@30fps
  • Integrated HDR ISP pipeline
  • Internal FPGA based video processor
  • FPD-Link III data interface
  • Rosenberger® FAKRA Z Type connector
  • Included 5 m coax cable
  • MOQ = 1


Packed in a compact, only a cubic inch big waterproof and black anodized aluminum housing, Xylon’s automotive video camera provides excellent performance. Based on the Semiconductor AR0231AT CMOS image sensor, the camera provides 30 Frames per Second (fps) of High Dynamic Range (HDR) color 2.3 MP (1928x1208) video processed by an internal FPGA video processor. Internal FPGA video processor integrates Xylon’s complete logicBRICKS High Dynamic Range (HDR) Image Signal Processing (ISP) pipeline designed by versatile logicBRICKS IP cores that enable excellent visibility in all light conditions.

logiCAM-FPD3-AR0231 uses the FPD-Link III serial interface from Texas Instruments for video transfers through tiny coaxial cables. The housing is equipped with the popular Rosenberger FAKRA Z type connector to enable easy integration with third-party equipment. Xylon delivers cameras with calibrated and focused fisheye lenses. All cameras come with a 5-meter-long cable with Rosenberger connectors on both ends.

Xylon also provides a full range of supporting products for designers of automotive and other systems based on AMD programmable devices, such as the logiVID-ZU Vision Development Kit. This kit provides system designers with everything they need to efficiently develop multi-camera vision applications on the AMD Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoC devices.
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