Hardware Platforms - logiFMC-DispCam

Display and Camera Adapter FMC Daughter Card for AMD development platforms (Out of Stock!)

Key Features

  • FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) compatible with several AMD-Targeted Design Platforms
  • Enables connections of up to 4 LVDS cameras
  • Enables connections of LVDS and parallel digital RGB LCD displays
  • Includes support for LED and CCFL backlights


The logiFMC-DispCam Display & Camera Adapter FMC daughter card is Xylon’s add-on board (card) compatible with different AMD-Targeted Design Platforms, such as the AMD Spartan™ 6 SP605 Evaluation Kit and the Spartan™ 3 DSP FPGA Video Starter Kit.
This FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) provides additional connectivity to AMD development platforms, and enables connections of up to 4 LVDS cameras directly to the FPGA. The cameras’ physical interface is realized by the provided RJ-45 connectors.
In addition to camera connections, the logiFMC-DispCam FMC daughter card supports connection of LCD displays featuring either LVDS or the analog RGB interface.
The logiFMC-DispCam FMC daughter card provides a simple means of expanding AMD development kits without complex wiring and shortens the development time.

NameLicensePrice (EUR)  
logiFMC-DispCam 365.00
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