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logicBRICKS Graphics Drivers for Android

Key Features

  • Linux kernel driver
  • Developed for the logiCVC-ML Display Controller
  • Supports logiCVC-ML multilayering capabilities
  • OpenGL ES 1.1* 3D graphics engine


AMD provides a freely downloadable Android 2.3 solution targeting the AMD Zynq™ 7000 SoC development boards and the source files are hosted on the AMD Partner iVeia's GIT repository.

The solution uses Xylon's logicBRICKS display controller and OpenGL ES 1.1 based graphics accelerator that is part of the AMD Zynq™ 7000 SoC programmable logic.

READ the Linux Framebuffer User's Manual and visit the GitHub to GET the driver!

How to Evaluate?

iVeia LLC, a member of the AMD Partner program, designs and manufactures small form factor COTS processing modules and I/O modules for commercial and military applications. iVeia offers a complete ecosystem of IP cores, tools, examples, hardware, and design services.

Android 2.3 reference BSP** for the AMD Zynq™ 7000 AP SoC targeting ZC702 development kit is available from iVeia. Binary demo image is available for free download at iVeia's GIT.

The BSP demo includes configurable logicBRICKS GPUs binaries based on:

- logiREF-ZGPU Graphics Engine and Display Controller, and
- logiREF-ZHMI-FMC Human Machine Interface for Zynq™ SoC

Service Providers

- Xylon - logicBRICKS IP cores and software drivers adaptations
- Adeneo Embedded - Linux BSP adaptation and custom development services

Read More

- logicBRICKS support for Android
- logicBRICKS support for Windows Embedded Compact 7 and 2013

* Product is based on a published Khronos specification, and is expected to pass the Khronos Conformance Testing Process. Current conformance status can be found at

** The Android BSP is provided by iVeia, LLC and sold or licensed solely by iVeia and not Xylon. Please be advised that Xylon hereby disclaims any warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement with respect to any such products and/or services.

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